Not Enough for Everyone

By Elizabeth Hanink BSN Just the word “rationing” evokes fear in many people. Add the word “medical” and you can count on a particularly visceral response. We all want to think that there is enough of everything to go around, … Continued

Killing for Organs

By Germaine Wensley, RN Fact: In the United States there are more people waiting for an available organ than there are available organs. And there is also a law that is supposed to prevent the removal of organs from individuals … Continued

“Suffering and Choice”

By Julie Grimstad, President of the Board of HALO The problem of suffering has confronted mankind ever since Adam and Eve lost paradise. Suffering – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – is an inescapable element of human life. Fortunately, modern … Continued

Changes in Hospice in the Last Thirty Years

by Rabbi Louis J. Feldman, Ph.D. Ask a very elderly physician who has reached the venerable age of 95 or older and he/she will tell you heart-rending stories of entire wards of patients who died for lack of a simple … Continued

Hospice and Palliative Care Do Differ

Author: Betty Odello, RN, MN It is important to know that there is a difference between palliative and hospice care.  Both aim to keep the patient comfortable and pain free. While hospice care is reserved for a patient during the … Continued