Euthanasia and Dignity

By Miguel A. Endara, Ph.D.   On November 1, 2014, Brittany Maynard, under Oregon’s euthanasia law, ended her life.[1] Prior to this event Compassion & Choices International produced a video where she gave her reasons for wanting to commit physician-assisted-suicide.[2] Maynard was a soft-spoken and … Continued

Is it Terminal? Is it Palliative

Just as the English use the word “tea” in a variety of ways, so the medical and ethics professionals use the word palliative or terminal in a variety of ways. The only one sure thing to say about this particular … Continued

The Slippery Slope is Real

An overview: History has numerous instances of a progression following the departure from God-given rights and decrees to devastating unintended consequences. This has been termed the slippery slope. Over 40 years ago abortion on demand throughout a pregnancy became legal in America. At that time … Continued